Winter has once again graced our Texas landscapes! With winter comes the harsh, cold elements that can damage our lawns. But with a bit of information and planning, we can curb many of these avoidable problems. Here is our winter advice for your lawns and plants:


  • In recent years, Texas has experience some dry winters; so with that in mind, one thing to consider is the importance of keeping our lawns hydrated. Assure that you water your lawn in the early morning —when temperatures are above freezing— for it to be dry by nightfall in order to avoid disease. Always water slowly, deeply and infrequently to encourage deep and healthy root growth. The standard rule is to have 1/2 of water every 21 days and always make note of any current water restrictions in your area or current weather prognostications.


  • While on the subject of grass: It is of no surprise that the fall and winter seasons see a large amount of leaves throughout these Texas lawns. It is important to be mindful of this and be diligent of their removal so that the grass many not become smothered, there enabling fungus to breed, and to preventing turf decay.

From our 2013 Winter Newsletter:

  • Working on investing in colors for your lawn during the cooler months? Call Advance Landscape Designs to see how we can assist you in installing all of the beautiful flowers and shrubbery that thrive during these months. Pansies, Violas, Snapdragons, Kale & Dianthus (also known as “Pinks”) are among the most popular winter planting in Texas.


  • Mulching always adds an aesthetically pleasant element to your lawn. It is also important this time of year due to the weather change and the temperature drop. A three- to six-inch layer of mulch helps maintain soil temperature in areas where the ground freezes. Lack of winter mulch leads to the death of many perennials and small shrubs as the roots are exposed to freezing air.


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We want to thank our clients for a fantastic 2014 and we look forward to providing a superb service for your coming 2015. Happy Holidays , from Advance Landscape Designs.