Spring has arrived and Advance Landscape Designs is here to assist you with the transition from the harsh cold winter to the seasonally green months now among us. Here are some quick tips on how to best tend to your lawn during the months to follow:


  • Spring is the perfect time to refocus on watering habits. This transitional period can prove vital to the overall health your lawn will exhibit throughout the hot and dry summer weather. The general rule is to produce one inch of supplemental water to the lawn on a weekly basis. Always make note of the current weather prognostication and water restrictions your property may be subject to. Conversely, note that over-watering your lawn can be detrimental to its health. Over-watering can lead to disease and shallow rooted plants. Have you had your sprinkler checked recently? Curious on how an irrigation system can benefit your lawn? Call Advance Landscape Designs for all your irrigation needs.


  • Seasonal and perennial flowers, as well as mulch, are an added means to creating an aesthetically pleasing lawn during the coming spring and summer months. Flowers and plants, such as: Lantana, Esperanza, Globe Amaranth, Mint Marigold, among many others, add a welcoming spring color to any lawn (while remaining heat and drought tolerant- perfect for a Texas lawn!) Mulch is an added recipe to any healthy bed; it helps maintain moisture in your beds, which allows your plants and flowers to remain properly hydrated and healthy. Interested in plant or flower installations? Advance Landscape Designs is here to assist. Call one of our representatives to discuss these ideas.


  • Fertilized recently? If not, then now is the perfect time. Welcome the spring and summer heat with the proper application of seasonal fertilization. Fertilization promotes new leaf and root growth; aids in pest damage; controls and reduces weed growth; as well as replaces nutrients lost to leaching. Your Advance Landscape Designs representative is ready to help. Call to schedule an application.


  • Often not talked about, but entirely necessary, is the subject of 'aeration'. Aeration is the process in which compacted soil is loosened up; this allows air, moisture and nutrients to reach your lawn’s roots easily. How would you know if your soil is heavily compacted? You can conduct a small test yourself with a simply garden fork: If the soil does not allow for more than 2 inches to be penetrated, then it is time to speak with your lawn service representative about aeration. You can call us at (512)918-8009 for more information.


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With spring now in full effect, Advance Landscape Designs looks to continue to earn your trust in our services. We aim to provide you with an outstanding lawn throughout the seasons to come and thank you for the opportunity to provide our expertise for you.